Latest release:

"Worship" digipak pro CD-R
(Vomit Bucket Productions, ltd. 100)

Hottest releases:

"A Modern Narrative" pro CD-R
(Vomit Bucket Productions)

untitled 4-way split 7" EP w/ Paregorik, Napalmed and Wormhead
(Meziprostor, Napalmed, Vomit Bucket Productions, Puzzle Records, Rauha Turva, Underground Pollution Records & NHDIYST Records, ltd. 300)

Upcoming releases:

- 4-way collaboration/split tape w/ Fukte, Molestia Auricularum and Reazione Suina (Toxic Industries, Vomit Bucket Productions)
- 100 bands LP (DIY co-production of several labels and artists)
- split CD-R w/ Catgirl (Catgirl Records)
- split CD-R w/ Kaelteeinbruch (Catgirl Records)
- split tape w/ Superror (Hair On My Food Tapes, ltd. 25)
- "Delicate Adjustment" split w/ Cosmic Noise Waves
- split w/ Inanition
- mini split CD-R w/ Haemolymph
- collab w/ Fukte
- split w/ Baptizer, Noise Machine, Magical Garbage Machinery, Beauty In Emptiness & Victimes De Regime (physical version?)