"Nightmares" (Vomit Bucket Productions)
Review by Walter Beck

The latest project from Gag is Ataraxy and he has delivered the first concept noise album reviewed in Underground Violence, the harsh and brutal Nightmares. True to its title, this album is a forty-minute journey into the darkest sides of our dreams.
The first cut is “Swarm of Insects” and it‟s true to its title; this cut opens with harsh synth sounds that sound like a mass of evil bugs sweeping down on you. The sharp noises in the background sound like the stings of hell‟s hornets. This is mixed in with heavily-distorted screams adding to the effects. This is nine-minutes of a plague straight out of the Old Testament.
“Abandoned by Your Love” is next and at nine-and-a-half minutes, it's the longest cut on the record. Like the previous cut, Gag has used a mix of sounds to capture the feeling of the title; in this case, the harsh sounds create the perfect sound of disheartening abandonment.
“One Night in Sodom” is the most violent sounding cut on this record; it sounds like a mix of the brutality of the immortality of the residents and the violence of a vengeful god. This is the audio equivalent of the wrath of God as the sounds of destruction mix with the screams of the damned.
“Evil Apparitions” is a more complex track with constant white noise in the background mixing with more metallic clinking sounds in the foreground. This sounds like an evil mind at work, demons forging their instruments of destruction.
“Dark Side of the Mind” ends this album and it‟s an eight-and-a-half minute journey through the darkest crevices of the human mind. The noise is more subdued with no sound coming in clearly, suggesting the evil potential of humanity.
Gag's latest project has given us a haunting, brutal journey. This record is not for the faint of heart or mind. If Hell had a soundtrack, it would sound a lot like this slab of harsh, brutal noise.

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"Creation" (Mini-CD-r) by Vomit Bucket Productions

another mini monster in ataraxy's collection this time with an organic detail
extravagant work with special additives .Aileen's helps to put words
into the abrassive .creating a balance between beauty and ugly
it might be The Beauty & The Beast soundtrack 2010
spray-painted (orange) 3" CD-R in special handmade packaging with
colorful rocks glued on the cover

check it out!

Genre: harsh noise ,harsh noise wall ,power electronics.

Ataraxy/Ego Death *Sounspheres* SPLIT CD-R
Insane harsh noise split.
From Germany,Atarxy with 3 anti-tracks from intense harsh noise it makes exploit your brain.
From Greece,Ego Death with 2 tracks from oscure noise ends this chaotic split.
Basically the bands that influenced these bands are: The Gerogerigegege,Hijokaidan.
Edition by Vomit Bucket Productions from Germany

From No Te Calles Fanzine

Magical Garbage Machinary/Ataraxy *Beauty* SPLIT CD-R
Abismal sounds from two bands.
Magical Garbage Machinary from USA with 3 tracks from doom noise begings this shit.
Ataraxy with his harsh noise industrial from Germany ends this shit wih 1 track.
Edition by Vomit Bucket Productions from Germany.

From No Te Calles Fanzine

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