Available stuff for sale

You can order the stuff in the list below from me.
To do so just send me an email, including the stuff you want, where you live and how you'd like to pay and I'll get back to you with details and instructions. My preferred payment-method is PayPal.
The prices do not include shipping! Shipping is 4€ worldwide for packs up to 500 g.
No orders below 5€ (total item-price) please.

- Paregorik / Ataraxy / Napalmed / Wormhead 4-way split 7" EP (4€)
- Cannibal Meat Holocaust / Ataraxy split tape (4€)
- Ataraxy "Worship" digipak pro CD-R (5€)
- Ataraxy / Inanition split tape (3€)

- Ataraxy "logo and trees" button (0,50€)

In principle you can also buy them here: