Ataraxy is a harsh noise project from South Germany and started on June 6th 2009. On this day I tried creating harsh noise for the first time, after wondering about how this kind of music is done for some time, and it (kind of) worked. I did a whole recording session and released the CD-R "Inner Peace", which was followed by "My longing for you" two weeks later. Shortly after that I received the first split requests for splits with Ezcaton and NRYY and these first releases got the whole story started... Since 2009 my music has been released mainly on CD-R, pro CD-R and tape, occasionally on floppy disk, and there are also some net-releases. Besides numerous solo and split releases, the project also appeared on several compilations.
There have been some special recordings like the 4-way live collaboration with Fukte, Ezcaton and Dezroyadam in 2010 (which was also my first live appearance with Ataraxy), the collaborations with Fukte in 2010 and 2012 and the Easter-collaboration with MeVdA in 2011 and the project also appeared on the beautiful vinyl format in 2012 when the 4-way split 7" EP with Paregorik, Napalmed and Wormhead was released.
2013 was a special year for Ataraxy with 3 live appearances in my home area of south-west Germany, one of them as a collab with one half of the German harsh noise duo zahnbeitel.
2014 was a slower year in general, with less releases than before, but with a short collab gig with Wormhead at Bruitisme #2 in Nancy, France.

The word "ataraxy" means "tranquility" or "freedom of disturbance of emotions / the mind".
The themes of the recordings are directly associated with personal thoughts, interests and feelings. Because I'm a Christian there are also themes regarding my faith and the Bible sometimes. In general the project is an outlet for all sorts of emotions and thoughts I have, therefore the variety of themes is ample.

The music I create with Ataraxy mainly falls into the category harsh noise and (since 2010) HNW. Some recordings have influences from the drone, ambient and industrial fields, which ensures a vast variety of sounds in this project.





Video for "Shattered Dreams", created by Danilo Montagna.