Discography (141-...)

141) "A Portrayal of Cannibalism" pro CD-R

Released on May 21st 2014 on Altar Of Waste Records (ltd. to 15 copies)
Almost 50 minutes
Recorded on April 13th 2014

Preparing the Captives / Over the Fire / Cannibalistic Feast

Printed CD-R in transparent DVD-case with full color artwork

142) "Latex Succubus" 3" CD-R

Re-release of the tape originally released in 2010 by Smell The Stench and Disorderly Domain, released on May 28th 2014 on Shit Noise Records (ltd. to 10 copies)

White mini CD-R in mini-DVD-case with color-printed artwork

143) untitled split CD-R w/ Lair Of The White Worm

Released on June 23rd 2014 on Smell The Stench (ltd. to 30 copies)
Ataraxy-part: 37 minutes
Recorded on December 11th 2013 & February 13th 2014

Ataraxy: Frost / Heat
LOTWW: 4 untitled tracks

CD-R with 2-page full-color artwork

144) untitled split CD-R w/ Nekro:mancer

Released on July 13th 2014 on Puzzle Records (ltd. to 20 copies)
Ataraxy-part: over 11 minutes
Recorded on November 7th 2013

Ataraxy: Pale Face / Gazing Eyes
Nekro:mancer: The Staring Doll / Haunted Doll Collection

Lightscribed CD-R with 2-page color-artwork in purple, green or blue plastic sleeve

145) "The End is the Beginning" collaboration/split double pro CD-R w/ MeVdA

Released on August 9th 2014 on Vomit Bucket Productions & L'é Tütt Folklor Records (ltd. to 30 copies)
Ataraxy-part: almost 51 minutes collab + over 23 minutes solo
Collaboration recorded on December 30th 2013, solo-part recorded on May 4th 2014

Collab: The End / The Beginning
Ataraxy: On the Home Stretch / Clouds of Uncertainty
MeVdA: L’Infinita Ricerca Dell’Entrata Per L’Uscita

2 color-printed CD-Rs with full-color artwork and double-sided insert in CD-sized double-slim-DVD-case, limited to 30 copies.

146) untitled pro split CD-R w/ Topon Das 

Released on August 9th 2014 on Vomit Bucket Productions (ltd. to 25 copies)
Ataraxy-part: over 18 minutes
Recorded on March 29th 2014

Topon Das: Untitled Track
Ataraxy: Storm after the Calm

CD-R with black/white print and black/white artwork in CD-sized slim-DVD-case, limited to 25 copies.

147) "Valles Marineris" 3x special 3" CD-R collaboration/split box w/ Cosmic Noise Waves

Released on August 9th 2014 on Vomit Bucket Productions (ltd. to 20 copies)
Ataraxy-part: 18 minutes + 21 minutes collaboration
Solo-track recorded on June 27th 2014, collaboration-part recorded on May 4th 2014

Cosmic Noise Waves: Naktong Vallis
Ataraxy: Chasm
Cosmic Noise Waves & Ataraxy: Crater Expedition 

3 spraypainted mini CD-Rs in partially spraypainted slimcases with individual full-color artworks (that make one big artwork together), all in a full-color DIY-cardboard-slipcase, showcasing more Martian landscape views. Limited to 20 copies.

148) Noixe "☠☠☠" collaboration project CD-R

Released on October 22nd 2014 on Shit Noise Records
Ataraxy-part: 1 HNW layer in "Noixe Noise # 014", 10 minutes
Recorded on November 8th 2013

CD-R with 2-page color-printed artwork

149) "Twin Tubes" pro split CD-R w/ ORiFiCE

Released on December 22nd 2014 on Vomit Bucket Productions (ltd. to 25 copies)
Ataraxy-part: over 22 minutes
Recorded on September 28th 2014

ORiFiCE: Congression
Ataraxy: Congestion

White CD-R with some colored print in CD-sized slim-DVD-packaging with full color artwork

150) "Shit Noise 100" 4x compilation CD-R

Released on December 31st 2014 on Shit Noise Records (limited 5-disc edition ltd. to 50 copies)
1 Ataraxy-track ("Farewell"), almost 5 minutes
Recorded on December 14th 2014

4 CD-Rs with 4 separate 2-page color-printed artworks or packaged in a 4-disc DVD-case with full color artwork

151) "Foxy Lady" collaboration special CD-R w/ Fukte

Released on February 11th 2015 on Toxic Industries (ltd. to 41 copies)
Almost 1 hour
Recorded in June and Agust 2012

As Beauty starts to fade / Withering Flower / Deep as a Wrinkle

Painted CD-R attached to a cardboard insert with hand-painting in a cardboard sleeve with unique foto of a female model

152) "Caress" special mini CD-R

Released on June 27th 2015 on Vomit Bucket Productions (ltd. to 9 copies)
Almost 20 minutes
Recorded on May 30th 2015


Spraypainted mini CD-R in spraypainted mini slimcase with full color artwork

153) "Revelation 19:7-9" net-release 6-way split w/ Baptizer, Noise Machine, Magical Garbage Machinery, Beauty In Emptiness, Victimes De Regime

Released on December 11th 2015 on Jesus Noise Net-Label
Ataraxy part: almost 10 minutes
Recorded on January 3rd 2015

Ataraxy: I Turn To You In My Unrest
Baptizer: Shadow Of Death
Noise Machine: Authentic Gospel Genocide
Magical Garbage Machinery: Dauntless Sinner / Reckless Saint
Beauty In Emptiness: Anguish Of The Bride / [To Be] Made Pure [As Done]
Victimes De Regime: We Have Lost Everything 

154) untitled split CD-R w/ She Destroys Hope

Released on December 27th 2015 on Palinopsia Recordings (ltd. to 30 copies)
Ataraxy part: almost 19 minutes
Recorded on March 9th 2015

Ataraxy: A Painful Realization / Endlessly Racing Thoughts / Sadness, Despair, Rage
She Destroys Hope: Insignificance / No Title

CD-R in slim DVD-case with black/white artwork

155) untitled split tape w/ Cannibal Meat Holocaust

Released on January 16th 2016 on Vomit Bucket Productions (ltd. to 30 copies)
Ataraxy part: 45 minutes
Recorded on December 28th 2015

Cannibal Meat Holocaust: Issei Sagawa / Flesh Anger
Ataraxy: Cannibal Holocaust / Cannibal Ferox

Tape with photo cover

156) "Phoque them all - Silence the Voices for War" net-release compilation

Released on May 2nd 2016 on Middle Finger Up Productions
1 Ataraxy track ("New Life") - 5 minutes
Recorded on February 6th 2014

Download includes cover artwork

157) "Worship" digipak pro CD-R

Released on May 21st 2016 on Vomit Bucket Productions (ltd. to 100 copies)
Over 45 minutes
Recorded on March 19th 2016

Stepping into your Presence / I thank you for your Blessings / You know my Life / You know my Doubts / You know my Pain / I'm in your Hand / Now and forever

Factory manufactured pro CD-R in 4-panel digipak

158) split tape w/ Inanition

Released in January 2017 on Underground Pollution Records (ltd. to 30 copies)
Ataraxy part: 26 minutes
Recorded on January 24th 2016

Ataraxy: Pale faced Slasher
Inanition: It was a Friday or Saturday, something like that

Recycled tape with 3-panel full color artwork

159) "Breaking the Silence" net-release

Self-released on March 9th 2017
50 minutes
Recorded on March 6th 2017 & October 24th 2015

Breaking the Silence / In minute Detail

Download includes printable artwork