Free downloads

"Children of the Bomb 2010 - KIF anti nuclear music compilation"

I contributed an exclusive track to this cool net-release compilation, thanks again to Keep It Frozen for the invitation!! :-)

Download the compilation for free here:

The *.zip-folder includes the tracks + printable DVD-sized artwork!

"Nice Noise split 5" compilation

Thanks to Modesto for putting me on this compilation!
My track was supposed to be on another net-release compilation, but to this day I haven't heard from the guys, if they accept the track etc., so I decided to put it on this one. Enjoy!

The *.zip-folder contains the tracks (many different genres... death metal, noisecore, electronic, noise etc.) + infos about all 15 artists + links + full color artwork for a jewel case, nice!

"Space" split w/ Ethnomite Pux

Ethnomite Pux invited me to a net-release split and after some thought I agreed to join. I'm not a big fan of net-releases in general, so this could be the one and only Ataraxy net-release, hehe... ;-)
I'm very satisfied with my track for this split, I hope you enjoy it too!

"Sound Test" compilation

A new free download compilation on Cubiculo Noise Recording, thanks to the label for inviting me!

This is the link:

The folder contains the tracks + CD-sized artwork, so burn and print it if you want!


I recorded a track for Smell The Stench's 500th net-release in October 2010, a depression-themed compilation. Somehow my track never made it to the compilation though, it got lost somewhere, so when the label and I noticed that we agreed to do a separate Ataraxy net-release on STS, adding one more track to it. So I did another one in November and in January 2011 the whole thing was released. The tracks are quite wallish harsh noise, I personally dig them a lot.

Here's the link:

The folder contains the tracks + printable artwork.

The artwork is in regular CD-size, however the tracks fit on a 3" CD-R as well. So if you want you can scale down the artwork before printing it and make yourself a nice little mini CD-R. I did it for my copy and it looks very nice ;-)

 "Fungus Amongus" split w/ I Vomit Noize

This was supposed to be a CD-R release, however things came out differently and it was finally released as a free-download split.
This is a really nice one with great tracks from both projects, enjoy!

Download it here:

The folder includes the tracks + cover and backcover, so print/burn your copy if you want.

"International Email Audio Art Project Volume 11" compilation

This compilation includes a mini-collaboration with To-Bo, nice and intense :-)

Download it here:

"Ted Bundy" 4-way net-release split w/ To-Bo, Problem Anderer Leute & Wormhead

This split of 4 German harsh noise artists is part of a split-series of To-Bo and Problem Anderer Leute dedicated to several famous serial killers. I contributed 3 tracks to this split that aren't really a dedication but conceptually about Ted Bundy.
The entire release is pretty harsh and extreme, enjoy!

Download it here:

The folder includes the tracks in mp3-format and a back/front-cover is also available, in case you want to print and burn your own copy.

"Subordinate Recordings" compilation

This compilation features a large variety of genres, I contributed a small piece of HNW to it.

Get it here:

There's full artwork included for printing/burning your own copy.

Note: The insert-part has been updated; if you already own the release, get the new insert here:

"Underground X-treme Part 10" compilation

A compilation that includes varieties of harsh noise and related styles, I contributed a 9 minute plus HNW-recording to it.

Download here:

The folder includes the tracks in mp3-format and artwork for printing and burning your own copy.

"Ruídos Alienígenas" split w/ God Pussy

Nice 16 min alien harsh noise split... Brazil's God Pussy joined up with some friends of his for his part of this split and I contributed an unreleased track from 2 years ago. Originally the track was planned for a magazine-compilation, but it wasn't released.

Download here:

The folder contains printable artwork and  the tracks in mp3-format.

The split was first uploaded with an incomplete artwork, missing the credits of the picture used (my fault!). The link above contains the correct and complete artwork. In case you downloaded the first incomplete version, you can also get the complete new version separately there.

The image “Messier 8” by ESA/Hubble & NASA is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (

"Eingemauert" collaboration w/ . . .

HNW project . . . invited me to do a HNW-collab with each of our recordings coming from separate speakers. The result is a 20 min wall with cool intro, really nice one, in my opinion.

Download here:

. . .'s label Behind The Wall Records is an ISO-label, meaning the archive you download contains an ISO-image-file and you need to print & burn your own CD-R in order to listen to this.

"WNA compilation Vol 3"

Wall Noise Action from Russian is an extremely active net-label mainly releasing HNW. I participated on the 3rd compilation with a 10 min wall. Most of the other 16 artists play HNW as well, but there's some harsh noise in there as well.

Download here:
wav: + +

There is only a cover image available, no other artwork. If you want to print and burn your own copy email me, I made a simple layout for a 4-disc DVD-case for myself and you can use it too if you want.

"The Shuffle Project Volume 1" compilation

Puzzle Records gathered several short tracks of various genres of approx. 15 sec duration over the past year and made a great diverse shuffle track with all of them. My track "Kurz und bündig" appears at ~9:38 min.

Download here:

There's only a cover image in the folder. I made a simple artwork for myself though, so in case you also want to print and burn your own copy let me know and I can send it to you.

"Krach macht frei" compilation

Shit Noise Records collected tracks for this massive compilation in January, 77 artists contributed something to it. My track is an over 16 min harsh noise recording, kind of atmospheric in my opinion.

Download here:

There's only a cover image included, but I created a simple layout for myself + booklet with all individual credits and pictures. If you want to burn a physical copy of it (you will need at least 7 discs!) and want my layout just let me know.


This is a bleak cold HNW recording dedicated to the victims of Nazi-violence in the concentration camps during World War II.

From the insert:
Every now and again I come across people who deny the holocaust, the systematic mass-murder of Jews and other people who were not worthy of living, according to Adolf Hitler.
I really don’t understand how this can be, I find it incredibly ignorant. You only need to see pictures like the ones used in the artwork of this release to see that the holocaust was for real. That’s the reason for the usage of these awful and horrible pictures; people must see the inhumanity that happened to prevent this from happening again in one form or another!

The description from the label:
Germany's Ataraxy confronts us with a piece that serves as a meditation on man's inhumanity, insanity, and capacity for ignorance and denial. The cold, soulless atmosphere created as the grinding wall churns on strips atrocity of emotion and boils it down to a simple mantra: "never forget."

Download here:

The artwork included is good for making yourself a mini CD-R copy. There's a front and backcover plus an insert.

"The Blood of the Saints is the Seed of the Church" compilation

This is a compilation of Christian artist playing noise, drone and similar genres, in memory of Christian martyrs that died for their faith in persecution. My contribution is a full on static and brutal HNW piece of 7 minutes.

Download here:

The download (now) comes with artwork.

"1 Minute Autohypnosis... CD 17" compilation

This is a long-running series of compilations that each feature 16 artists with music pieces of (more or less) 1 minute length. My track is a hypnotic drone/noise recording.

Download here:

Included are the credits of all artists as image-files, the disc-print (for a mini CD-R) and the tracks in mp3-format.

"Manuale di Inquinamento Acustico" compilation

Cool sampler gathering all kinds of harsh noise and HNW with a great artwork from Le Nevralgie Costanti! My track is a brutal harsh noise recording.

Download here:

Included are a 2-page artwork, credits and the tracks in mp3- or ogg-format.
If you want to print and burn a physical copy for yourself you need to use 2 normal CD-Rs or a 90 minute CD-R.

"Live at the Art Factory" live EP

This net-release includes two live recordings from April and May 2013 in a small art center in south-west Germany. Both of them have harsh and chaotic moments, but also spacey and rather calm ones. The tracks are basically the audio tracks of the videos I uploaded on youtube.

Download here:

There is a printable artwork for printing and burning your own copy.

"After Seven Years..." EP

This is a nice atmospheric meditative HNW (or ANW maybe?) recording, dedicated to ex-pornstar Jenna Presley who found Jesus. Her story really touched me and I needed to do something like this, I hope you enjoy it!

Download here:

There is a printable artwork for printing and burning your own copy.

"New Year's Creeps" 4-way split

This split was initially planned to be between 0Hamwich0 and myself only, Wallmaster and Cylinder Smithsonian were also added to it later. Full on harsh noise and HNW here, enjoy!

Download here:

There is no actual printable artwork available.

"Revelation 19:7-9" 6-way split w/ Baptizer, Noise Machine, Magical Garbage Machinery, Beauty In Emptiness & Victimes De Regime

A 6-way split of Christian (harsh) noise and ambient artists only! Somehow this makes me think of the "6-way Sin Decomposition" split CD I co-released several years ago, with Vomitous Discharge and others :-)
This one was supposed to come out physically, but there have been several delays and therefore it was released in digital form now (for now). There might still be a physical release later on at some point, we'll see.

Download here:

Comes with printable artwork!

"Phoque them all - Silence the Voices for War" compilation

Anti-war / anti-terrorism compilation with an Ataraxy track that was intended to be released on a different compilation that never happened, enjoy!

Download here:

Download includes cover art only

"Breaking the Silence"

First Ataraxy-release and first Ataraxy-recording in almost a year! A brutal HNW recorded in 2017 coupled with another HNW track that was recorded in 2015 for a split which unfortunately never happened, enjoy!

Download here:

Download includes printable artwork!